Sunday, August 23, 2009

Straightener and Curling Iron: 10,000 원 each

Hair straightner and curling iron purchased in March, 2009. Both in great condition. Original prices: curling iron, 25,000 원; straightener 20,000 원

Samsung desk/cordless phone combo: 60,000원

Samsung desk and cordless telephone combo with caller ID. Purchased at Lotte Mart in October, 2007. In great condition. Original price: 140,000원

Digital Curling Iron with temperature control: 20,000 원

UNIX Prostyle digital curling iron with temperature control. Purchased at Sindorim Techno Mart in April, 2009. Like new. Original price: 45,000 원

Electric Hair Curlers: 20,000 원

Babyliss electric hair curlers. Purchased at Lotte Mart in January, 2008. Plastic lid is slightly damaged but fully functional. Curlers/clamps are in perfect condition. Orignal price: 45,000 원

Kenwood Toaster: 10,000 원

Kenwood Morning Fresh toaster. Purchased at Home Plus in October, 2007. Rarely used. Like new. Original cost: 25,000 원

Humidifier: 30,000 원

Lilot humidifier purchased at Lotte Mart less than one year ago. Original price: 65,000 원